Thursday, April 3, 2014

Number of Players: To start to play crazy 8st you need up to 5 players Equipment: You will need 1 deck of cards Object of the Game:Try to be first to run out of cards Get Ready to Play: Each player needs 8 cards. Then take the deck of cards and flip one over from the top. If it is an 8 stick it at the bottom and then flip another card. Then look at your cards. If you have a card that has the same number or shape then lay it down on the one that is flipped over. If you have an eight you can change the number or the shape. Then after you laid down your card its the next persons turn. If there is no more cards in the deck you take the cards that are flipped over and flip it over. If one person has 1 card left they knock and if one of the team ates knock before they do you have to pick up a card. When a person has no more cards. The game is over.

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