Thursday, December 5, 2013


On Thanksgiving I went to my Aunt's house, her name is Alicia. She is very nice, I had to wake up really early because she lived in Ankeny. Wait! Wait! Wait! I better tell you the whole story. Well my mom woke me up as you know and so I got up and out of my bed and got dressed, and we left. It felt like three days driving three days driving there Yup that's how long it felt to me. Anyway finally we got there, I was so happy to see my cousins. 
  So I got up and out of the car, and when I was out of the car I started running through the ice  cold air and almost slipped on the ice but luckily I didn't and made it to the door. I came in and my cousins were glad to see me too! When I walked in I could smell the turkey and goose and ham and some other things. 
  Then all the other people started coming. They were all really nice, and one of them I went to kindergarten with. I didn't recognize him or his family at first but then he asked me if I went to this one school and what  if I had this teacher name was if I went there. I said yes I went to that school and I had that teacher. Then I started to recognize him and he asked me if I remembered a kid name Jimmy, I said yes and he said he was Jimmy. I was really surprised to see him here. Then we played ball for a wile and then we went inside to eat and then his mom came up to me and asked if I went to school  with he son and I said yes we were just talking about that. 
When we went downstairs and ate Jimmy started to brag.(And he bragged a lot) But I didn't mind a bit. then I went with my cousin Sophia and she is fourteen. And we listened to music instead of listening to all the loud people in the living room and we even got our own refreshments witch was chocolate of course, with me. I'm so excited for next Thanksgiving.

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