Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Sign of the Beaver

Day 1
Day one was about were Matt the boy gets left alone because his dad has to go get his mom and sister and it will take him about 6 or 7 weeks to the back so his dad tells him how to survive by him self. And gives him a notches and some sticks to stick the notches on that was how they kept track of the days. And they built a cabin for them to live in. And then he had to find his own food and how he liked to stay by himself and didn't want to  use any of his powder for shooting.
Day 2
Day 3 was about when a stranger came and Matt let him in the cabin. The stranger asked a lot of questions and the stranger was talking about what he did with the Indians and Matt made him some food. When the stranger fell asleep Matt got worried that then stranger was a murder and wanted to know why the stranger was in such a hurry? Matt woke up and is dads rifle was gone and so was the stranger Matt was very ferrous. Chapter 4 was about him trying to find his own food and then he sees the door swinging open then goes to the house and thinks its the stranger that was there and then thinks its Indians then then thinks its a bear. Matt was hungry and so he went to a bee hive. Matt picked off a piece and got stung a couple of times. He fell in the water and started drowning and he fell unconscious. And an Indian came and picked him up like a baby. Then the Indian took Matt to his house and Matt felt alone because the Indian left and then gave him bitter medicine. Then he felt alone again and luckily he fell asleep. 
Day 3

Day 4
Day 4 was about Matt telling Atten the story of the guy who fell off the ship and someone else saved him and Atten got mad and said he would never be his slave .matt was trying to catch fish his hook broke so Atten made him a new one hook and that was the first time Matt saw Atten smile.