Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Have you ever wanted to know what it take to sing? Well read this and you will find out. Well the first thing is you need to know the song really well and PRACTICE!A lot,and if you play an instrument than you also need to practice to and if you don't know how to play it you need to practice BIG time.You also don't just need to sing by yourself,singing with others can sometimes make your voice sound pretty, and make the toon sound nice to.But if you are gona sing with someone you need to know your parts, and if your singing at the same time you will need to stay together with your voices.Sometimes it helps me if my family and friends are there to support me.Sometimes my family or my friends help me make the song better.If you don't know how to pick the beat or sing with the beat this is what you do, you can look around the room for something you like and when you find it then you find the a beat that would sound good with what you picked.Well thats what I do, so you have to do that you can do something else if you want that was just something I do.Now if you want to be a teacher thats different, you need to be able to change your voice, and you need to know what your doing, plus you need to have a degree.Well I think that is all you need to know so I hope you have fun singing.

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